Sunday, December 25, 2005

Illustration Friday : Holiday


While thinking about this week's topic, several ways of looking at it occured to me - I could do an illo based on,
~what I usually like to do on holidays
~where I feel like holidaying at this moment or
~what this particular holiday season brings to mind.

So here are my submissions for the week, one illo for each of the above mentioned aspects :) .

What I usually like to do on a holiday
Sit back and relax with a good book, maybe even daydream a little in the process :)

Copyright 2005 Ratlion

Where I feel like holidaying at the moment
The beach! Been feeling restless the past few days and thinking a lot about a vacation in some tranquil, secluded beach somewhere...

Copyright 2005 Ratlion

What this particular holiday season brings to mind
Snow, family, friends, tradition...

holidays for illo fri-blogworthy

Copyright 2005 Ratlion


Thursday, December 22, 2005


Medium: Pencil

Medium: Charcoal

Medium: Poster paint

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Illustration Friday : Imagine

Copyright 2005 Ratlion
Imagine meeting the one and falling in love.....


What happens when you're watching a movie, a steamy scene beginning to build up, and whoops, your mom walks into the room - grab the remote? Sure. And pause it at a safe-looking moment, hoping the electricity of the room isn't sniffed out. Freezing the frame on your DVD player opens up a whole new world.... You suddenly wonder what it would be like to be a stranger, entering the room while you were out getting popcorn or taking a leak, and having not a clue what was happening in the story. You're an outsider, out of the loop, wondering why the hell Christina Ricci is scowling at a disfigured Charlize Theron - is she about to be attacked or about to be fucked? Why's Donald Duck in mid-air, his tongue out against a Technicolor background, who's got his goat? From here, you're the storyteller, endless possibilities branching out of that mid-movie moment, given the freedom to make up your own story because you were in the other room, not invited to watch. You can start a new life now, you're God, you can make the past and the future. You can even go back to your damn book if you want, but that moment will stay there with you, to do with as you wish.And then you press Play, and you lose control again.
Damn, but when did you ever have it?

Copyright 2005 Dogcrab

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Illustration Friday : Surprise

Text by Dogcrab, Illo by Ratlion

“Who the…?”
“The cheesecake!”
“It’s not there!”
“Who the… who ate the whole thing!?”
“The whole thing! Entire damn cheesecake!”
“When I…”
“When I find who did it… I’ll… I’ll…”
“You did.”
“The day before. You did your usual “There’s nothing to eat” thing, then found the cheesecake, scratched your belly, brought out a fork and ate it.”
“I did?”
“But I’m hungry now.”
“And there’s nothing to eat.”

*Muttering, scratching, etc. Bachelor sounds.*

“A whole pack of salami!”
“Amazing. What a surprise.”

Copyright 2005 Ratlion & Dogcrab

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Illustration Friday : Blue

When I thought of 'Blue', this is what came to mind,

~Water/the ocean
~A feeling of sadness
~A boy (as in pink for girls and blue for boys :) )

The result was the following illustration. Hmm....not very happy with it I'm afraid. Have come up with a better idea and shall definitely try and execute it, time permitting!

Till then, I'll leave you with the following illo - my submission for illustration friday this week :)


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