Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Illustration Friday: Poem

Hi all.

For this week's topic 'Poem' I'm putting up two illustrations I did for two poems- one written by my cousin and the other by Dogcrab. They've been up on the blog before (sometime last year) but never as Illustration Friday submissions and so here they are - 'Sandcastle' & 'Castle of the Moon'...

Sandcastle by the Sea

Copyright Radha Ramachandran a.k.a. Ratlion

Sand castles that tumble down,
The waves that are gentle and yet strong,
Take away what you think was yours,
No matter what you try, it’s all gone.
How foolish can you be?
To build sand castles near the sea.
But funny, isn’t it?
Where else will sand castles be?
Nothing stops you, not even the pain,
Still there is nothing to gain,
The waves will come, the castles will fall,
All you can do is, build them again…

Poem Copyright 2006 Shobana Jayraman

The Castle of the Moon

Copyright Radha Ramachandran a.k.a Ratlion

Perched atop a grassy hill,
beside a river running swift and chill,
where mountain winds are never still,
stands the Castle of the Moon.

It has no equal, it stands alone;
great high walls of cold grey stone
guard the gilded, mighty throne
of the Castle of the Moon.

There is a wide moat and sixteen walls,
forbidding towers and marble halls,
and haunted dungeons where no sunlight falls
in the Castle of the Moon.

A pond in the pale moonlight glitters,
the birds cease their sleepy twitters,
and a bat on silent wing flitters
over the Castle of the Moon.

In the great hall lies a splendid feast
celebrating the death of a fire-breathing beast
slain in the mountains to the East
of the Castle of the Moon.

In ivory and black, and in red and gold,
rest the faithful soldiers bold,
warming themselves from the cold
in the Castle of the Moon.

The minstrel plays upon his lyre,
sings as he sits beside the fire,
sings of adventure and desire
in the Castle of the Moon.

On his seat rests the lord,
with his hand upon his sword,
in blue robes and golden cord,
in the Castle of the Moon.

A damsel on the casement sings,
clad in white and emerald rings,
and waits for the love her fair knight brings
to the Castle of the Moon.

Forever will it proudly stand,
repelling invaders from distant lands,
standing gaunt, but standing grand -this is the Castle of the Moon.

Poem Copyright Dogcrab

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