Monday, November 13, 2006

Illustration Friday: Ghost & Clear

Copyright Ratlion
On a clear moonlit night, the clear/translucent butler clears the remnants of a cozy picnic dinner for two while the (equally clear/translucent) lord and his lady take a romantic stroll under the star-studded sky.
:D :D :D
PS: This illo also doubles up as my belated entry for 'Ghost'.
Update: Here's Dogcrab's text/take on the illustration.
Dear Discerning and Deceased Ladies and Gentlemen,
Now that you have time on your hands, why not spend a little eternity or two at Les Trois Hommes Décapités, an exclusive resort for the aristocratically inhumed.
As members of a growing class of deceased who are increasingly dissatisfied with mundane non-existences, wouldn’t you consider all-attic accommodation with attached ball-and-chain in all rooms, sweeping views over ever-changing landscapes, and a supply of the best spirits possible – and we intend no pun here!
Our legendary establishment has served the upper crust of ectoplasm for centuries – including the entire Romanov and Bourbon clans.

Our other facilities include a 24-hour butler, moonlit picnics on our vast and exclusively haunted grounds, and a guaranteed shortage of holy relics and ghost-hunters, along with the latest in séance-protection.As part of our hospitality services, we offer walkers for dead pets (though, regrettably, poltergeists are not allowed), Spook-a-day playhouses for children and daily haunting tours for your entertainment.

Do visit us for the experience of your afterlife!

The Manager, Les Trois Hommes Décapités
Our motto: Always have great taste, even if you can’t taste anything

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Illustration Friday : Smoke

When I thought about this week's topic, I thought about cigarette's. I thought about different people and their smoking habits. I know people who can't stand the idea of smoking, people who hate the smell of cigarette smoke, and people who don't smoke because they're health conscious. I also know people who can't get through the day without a their minimum quota of cigarettes, people who feel the need for a smoke only when a particular mood strikes (when they're happy/frustrated/worried), and social smokers who smoke occassionally in company. Then there are the hardcore smokers who're trying to quit or the quitters who're trying not to get back into the habit.

You get the drift.

Anyhoo, I started doodling. And you can see what I ended up with below.

Hardcore smoker who swears by a good smoke versus confused smoker? Hardcore smoker versus hardcore smoker who's trying to quit? Hardcore smoker versus first-time smoker who realizes smoking is not for him?
Don't worry if you don't have an answer, I did'nt either.
Which is why I made a few changes, as you can see below.

Finally we have - Hardcore smoker versus Non-smoker!

To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question.


I'll stop blabbering now (It's one of those days).


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